Ideas for Winter Nails to Do at Home or in the Salon 


 Still, we have been allowing about downtime nails since spring, If we are being honest. There are just so numerous great nail trends out there that we could fluently fill an entire timetable. And with 2022 nearly behind us( fit huge shriek of relief then) and a new season nigh, we allowed

 Why not celebrate by participating some of our favorite downtime nail designs? After all, whether you’ve made a safe, triumphant return to your favorite nail tech’s station at the salon or you are continuing to do our own manicures we would go you’ve gotten really good at them — Instagram has offered endless creative alleviation for end- of- time aesthetics . 


Inked Fashion

How to do Acrylic Full Set ,Acrylic Fill-In ,Acrylic Nail Removal,Classic Manicure

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Mid length nails

How do I got the Mid length nails and spa pedicure, which is thorough and incredibly relaxing- especially with the added massage chairs just by sitting at home…Download our FREE tutorial


Dark skin nail designs

How to get  a shellac manicure with 15 minute art and that looks cool …Download our FREE tutorial


Creative Ideas For Nails

Creative Ways

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Nail Art Designs

If you’re into gel nails and want to be able to replicate a manicure and polish job you would get at the salon right at home, we have great kit to get started….Download our FREE tutorial

Nail Art Categories

For those who just want to keep their nails clean, shaped nicely, and in good shape without any frills, we have a  great basic and affordable option….Download our FREE tutorial


High Rated Nail Designs

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Large Nails

Luckily, nail artists have been pumping out admiration- inspiring nail looks like it’s no big deal…Download our FREE tutorial


Small Nails

Indeed without a martini glass painstakingly painted on each nail…Download our FREE tutorial


Pierced Nails

it’s egregious that this manicure is inspired by the pimento- stuffed manzanilla olives that traditionally embellish the gin- and- vermouth blend …Download our FREE tutorial